Secure & Reliable Below Floor Void Pumping

Typical scenarios are :-

  • Tea rooms located centrally on a large office floor.
  • Hand washing facilities for concessions on open plan shop floors.
  • Sites with no gravity drainage immediately available.
  • No vertical structure to run discharge piping to roof void.

In situations with a long horizontal open discharge pipe run under the floor void with no gravity fall, the only solution is often a self-contained pump system like the Pump Technology Ltd. DrainMajor or DrainMinor.

However, with no obvious static head and an open discharge, there is a real chance that the discharge pipe work will act as a syphon. This can cause the liquid level in the wastewater collecting tank to empty with the pump potentially air locking when next required.

This may be avoided by carefully calculating the friction loss in the discharge pipework, then selecting a suitably sized pump whose performance curve will cross over the drawn system curve ensuring that its duty point will be left of the end of the curve.

When the selected pump is fitted with an air admittance valve this will prevent a vacuum, and therefore a syphon effect, ensuring a reliable pumping solution.

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