Sewage Pumping Stations

– The essential, but often “Poor Relation” in most developments

A Typical Pump Technology PumpMatic station waiting to be installed Cutaway Pump Technology Ltd. PumpMatic 300 Pump Station PumpMatic interior with twin pumps fitted

Seldom featured on Grand Designs, but essential to a home’s efficient and comfortable functioning, is the wastewater and sewage drainage system.

If a gravity fall to the public sewer is not possible then a sewage pumping station is required.

Pumping Station specifications and prices vary tremendously, and it’s hard to compare like for like, deciding on the best technical solution at the right price can be challenging.

The pump is the heart of any pump station. If your property is relying totally on a pumped solution then you must have a submersible pump specification that has a vortex impeller with a free flow passage of 60mm dia. or greater. So, a vital part of the decision is the free flow passage size (50mm or 60mm dia. plus) of the pumps selected. This decision will significantly affect the cost of a pumping station with higher costs for larger solids handling.

The reason for this is logical. Sewage Pumping Stations have to cope with: Items such as Tampons, Wet Wipes, Condom’s and other unsuitable items being flushed into them. These don’t breakdown or dissolve. Instead they become trapped, shredded and entangled, eventually clogging and blocking the vortex impeller and volute of any submersible sewage pump.

This “False Economy” approach to selecting a submersible sewage pump with a 50 mm solids handling specification because of its lower cost, rather than a 60 mm diameter free flow passage capability, can more often than not result in considerable breakdowns and repair bills. The 50 mm sized pump is notably smaller in pump casing and motor size, hence the price!

By upgrading the pump’s free flow passage sizes to 60 mm diameter the success of handling all of the risky “foreign objects” is significantly increased. This recommendation is based on years of practical field experience. Just ask a pump station service engineer what they would install in their own home!

Proven reliability combined with a high technical specification are also important. When selecting or specifying a sewage pumping station take these elements into account. Not all similar sized pumps are of equal quality.

As a percentage of a major build, the difference in price between a poor and a good Sewage Pumping Station is minute, but the harm that toilet disasters can do to the reputation of specifiers is considerable.

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