The New DrainKing duty/standby pumping system. Flexible instillation, more reliable operation.


The New DrainKing, duty standby wastewater pumping system, incorporating Jung Pumpen pumps improves reliability, is easier to operate and maintain.

By eliminating traditional cable hung on/off floats and utilising the proven pumps own rigid float arms with large triangular low-level floats, pump control is simplified and improved. The rigid float arm and large float is far less prone to debris interfering with the float movement hence stop/start of the pump is always more reliable.

Utilizing the pumps own successful float arm design also means invert levels in to the DrainKing are now lowered considerably, this makes positioning of the pumping system more flexible, it is easier to get the specified pipe gradient into the tank. Previously the minimum invert level was 260mm, now it can be as low as 120mm with the Jung Pumpen UK6 pumps fitted.

The DrainKing comes with its own pump station control panel. This cycles the duty pump, actions standby pump and alarm.

In practice the control panel selects a duty pump and cycles the duty pump after every 4 hour total operation. In the unlikely event of blockage or pump failure a finger float mounted on the side of the tank will detect a high wastewater level and activate an audio and visual alarm on the panel. The panel then selects the standby pump, its float arm already raised for switching on and pumping.

The panel shows pump status for both pumps, in the event of a power failure the alarm is supported with a rechargeable battery. The panel has 3 in number volt free contacts for connect of a pump technology ltd remote alarm or connection to a BMS system.

The 3 off volt free alarms aid BMS logic when incorporation features like solenoid shut of valves into the appliance/drainage system.

The DrainKing can be fitted with a number of Jung Pumpen pumps, both single and 3phase. Pumping capabilities with the US 103 E installed is over 12m head and the DrainKing is also suitable for hot wastewater up to 90 dec c with the 730HES or 1030HES pumps. These Jung Pumpen pumps are rated for continuous duty at 90 deg c, making the DrainKing ideal for commercial kitchens, laundries, and commercial buildings.

The experience application team at Pump Technology Ltd, based in Berkshire, provide specification and sizing support for consultants and installers alike. Speed of response is one of the companies trademarks, you get to speak to an engineer straight away who can discuss your site and pumping application, so you have confidence in the correct pumping system specification, an answer then and there so you can progress your day and project.

The New DrainKing tank and pumps are all in stock and can be dispatched the same day for you.

Pump Technology Ltd is authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH as a distributor and stockist for their pumping equipment, responsible for specification, supply and support. In-fact Pump Technology Ltd, is the largest supplier of Jung Pumpen equipment in the UK.