The NEW – sewer free, water free – eco toilet!

The Cinderella Incinerator Eco Toilet from Pump Technology is elegant, clean and odour free!

It fits perfectly into any off-grid bathroom and looks remarkably like a domestic unit.

The only difference is that it doesn’t need water or any connection to a sewage system to work. It’s luxurious, easy-to-use and extremely “green”.

The end product of a week’s regular use is just half a cup of clean, dry, harmless ash which can be tipped onto the garden.

An Entirely New Toilet Concept.  No water, No waste pipe…

The Cinderella incinerating toilet from Scandinavia simply treats all toilet waste at the press a button. The waste is incinerated at high temperature leaving nothing but a tiny amount of clean, odourless ash, about 1 tea cup per four persons in one week of use. This ash can be disposed of directly onto the soil or in the normal household waste bin.

No water or drainage services are required, making the Cinderella toilet the perfect, modern hygienic toilet for off-grid sites, typically cabins, summer houses, garden offices, glamping etc. and let’s face it Scandinavian design, looks good in any bathroom,

The self-contained unit may be gas or electric powered, is child safe, easy to use and provides a total waste solution that is truly environmentally friendly.

Now, just about any off-grid building, whether domestic, work, leisure or mobile can have a clean, modern, hygienic toilet facility.

Manufactured in Norway, the Cinderella has been well tested and proven across Europe. Until now it has been supplied in the UK by LeeSan Ltd., Leisure, Welfare and Marine sanitation experts, and has proved a hit with their particular markets. Because of this Pump Technology Ltd. (Parent company of LeeeSan) is now marketing the system through their own network, making it generally available for the first time to specifiers, architects, merchants and installers.

Jonathan Barker, Pump Technology’s M. D. says: “Whilst we have had pumping solutions for just about every domestic and commercial wastewater and sewage application, we were not happy recommending a viable toilet solution for off grid installations”. Now, with the Cinderella we can offer our clients a truly reliable, hygienic and environmental toilet and waste disposal solution and we are proud to be able to bring this unique and eco-friendly product to the market”.

For all waste and sewage solutions, standard or custom, just ask the experts at Pump Technology.