Once Upon A Time

A guy called Jeremy Brownlee started a Sewage and Waste Water company in a shed in his back garden.

From these humble beginnings Pump Technology Limited grew into the company that it is now with highly knowledgeable and specialist staff further supplemented with associates, installers and linked companies all over the UK and Ireland.

Now Jeremy (who is not known for suffering fools gladly and tends to get his own way) decided that the company needed a catchy and zingy slogan. Not for him the “Specialists in Domestic Black Water” or “Fluid Engineering for Waste Water” type of thing. No, Jeremy wanted a slogan that TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.

SO ………….. PUMPING POO WITH PANACHE was created. Not everyone liked (or likes) Jeremy’s slogan, but does he care? does he Heck!

Type Pumping Poo With Panache in to any search engine and see what you can find …………..

Staff in T-shirts
Some of the Pump Technology Team wearing their “Pumping Poo With Panache” T-Shirts while on a “technical” (right guys, whatever you say, BUT we heard there was some “drinking” involved) visit to one of
Pump Technology’s suppliers Jung Pumpen in Germany.

Incidentally the guy in the suit is from Jung Pumpen !!! and the vote for the best “filled” T-Shirt goes to
Amanda from the Pump Technology Technical Support team!