Unparalleled flexibility and performance from the K+ Energy pump system by Caprari

One unique model of electric pump suitable for all applications

Our featured product this month is the K+ Energy pump system, which offers design flexibility combined with energy efficiency, reliability and robustness for use in both dry and wet chambers.

All K+ Energy pumps offer highly efficient motors and the unique Drywet system for cooling the unit, maintaining operational efficiency in high use situations.

The K+ Energy range can be installed in multiple configurations and applications ranging from wastewater lifting to purification plants and may be installed in wet or dry pit applications.

System design can also be simplified as the K+ Energy pumps can be installed in both vertical and horizontal configurations, giving designers the flexibility to match the requirements of the client exactly.

Due to the robust design and the unique Drywet cooling system, ongoing maintenance costs are reduced and pump efficiency remains high at all times, keeping the overall cost of ownership and running costs low.

CAPRARI launches the new website for the K+ Energy, the electric pump dedicated to the management of wastewater that offers unique and revolutionary features! But of course, for more information, design assistance and application case studies please call 0118 982 1555