It’s World Toilet Day, no we’re not taking the pee!!

Well, would you believe there is such a thing as World Toilet Day? – well, there is and today’s the day.

If you think about it though why not? we have lots of campaigns raising awareness of different illnesses or problems facing the World. Well, today we can raise awareness that more people around the world have access to mobile phones than proper toilets – that’s a fact.

We’re lucky here in the UK, we have authorities that are responsible for water and sewage systems, its a given that you can ‘poop’ to the loo whenever the need desires, for 2.5 billion people this is not the case, they simply do not have access to sanitation. (that’s 1 in 3 people by the way!!)

So next time you’re sat on your throne do remember that many people around the World have a ‘bum deal’ and have to go in the open which causes significant health problems.

‘Wee’ of course spend a lot of our time ensuring that our sewage systems cope with the amount that gets delivered daily – if this article is to be believed it would be enough to construct a ‘soft shoulder’ of biosolids four times around the M25, every day and any shortfall might be supplemented by invoking the tourist turd ( – how I’ve longed to steal that phrase!!! – original author Matt Brown)

Whilst we are the first to drop into toilet humor (more below!), actually this is a very serious issue ..if you can get involved in helping then here is the place to start.

…and now for the fun… it can only be this sketch here, how did they manage not to laugh?