Basement pumps required for a new build

Project Location: New Build Basement to North West London Property
Requirements: Basement Wastewater & Sewage Pumping for Kitchen & Toilet.
Date: February 2017

The Client

South Quay Deco Ltd, specialise in the development and conversion of high-end residential housing, chiefly within the London area.

The Problem

Expanding living space in London now often means adding a basement. This lower level is typically designated as a kitchen, bathroom, toilet or utility room… all requiring their wastewater and sewage services to be pumped away.

The Solution

South Quay Deco Ltd knows that installing mechanical pumping equipment could potentially lead to problems so it needs to be right first time.

Gary Coles, Contracts Manager of South Quay says,

“It’s easier for us to call a pumping specialist and let them size the pumping chamber, select the pump or pumps and the required control panel or remote alarm system”.

“For this, we asked Pump Technology Ltd to visit site and see first-hand the proposed location of the below-ground pumping chamber, the house requirements and possible site restriction”. David Johnson, Pump Technology Ltd, attended site promptly following our call. He demonstrated the ability to understand the site requirements and then to clearly discuss with us the options and solutions suitable for our project”.

“Delivery was, as promised, on time, safe and sound. The tank was nicely finished and the market leading submersible sewage pumps by KSB – Ama Porter, truly looked impressive and fit for purpose”.

Download the full case study here

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