Below Ground Pump Station Reliability

Pictures show a typical Pump Technology Ltd. PumpMatic, below ground pumping station and a rigged interior.

When single or multiple properties require a below ground sewage pumping station, the initial specification of the combination of tank, pumps and controls will be the determining factor in the station’s ultimate operating reliability. This is why getting it right first time is absolutely essential!

Help is at hand from Pump technology Ltd, (who specialise in Private and type 1 and 2 adopted pumping stations) because they have their own In-house Consulting Engineer who can ensure that the sizing of the entire system, including extras such as alarms, manhole cover and local regulatory requirements, are fully understood and catered for in the final specification.

The respected and extensively proven Pump Technology Ltd. PumpMatic range is manufactured within the group and a matrix of standard custom stations are available. This enables them to be extremely competitive.

All stations can be either standard or customised to suit each site, with unique layouts for inlets and outlet levels and positions ensuring best practice for the tank installation and pipe configuration.

Quality is built into the tank by the dedicated team of GRP tank builders and assemblers. The fixture of guide rails, pedestals, non-return valves and isolation valves are all done by hand.

Each robust PumpMatic station is built with maintenance in mind. For example, future replacement of non-return valves is easy since these are flanged into the internal pipework. Without this, a simple job could become complicated, time consuming and unnecessarily expensive.

PumpMatic underground pumping stations are built to order and are generally available in one to two weeks. Tanks can be delivered direct to site and include detailed instructions for installation, pumps and control panels. As a rule, these more valuable components are shipped separately from the extensive stocks held in the company’s warehouse as and when required.

Over many years Pump Technology have become experienced in ensuring that the selection, purchase and installation of each pump station is as easy and efficient as possible, they also offer a commissioning and aftercare service so that end users are also fully supported.

For pumping station requirements, it may well be worth a chat with the in-house consultant, Steve Murphy.