The DrainMajor Range: The perfect solution for:

Showers, Dishwashers, Sinks, Glass washers, Washing machines, Combi ovens

The waste water pumping system with Awesome power!

The Drainmajor is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. This unit is designed to pump waste water from a Commercial/Industrial sink, wash basin, utility sink or any situation where waste water needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system.

It is extremely tough and rugged and unlike many other waste water pumping systems, has been specially designed to withstand hot water from combination ovens, washing machines, glass washers, dishwashers or commercial sinks.

The interior has been built to take a range of pumps, making it an extremely flexible option for offices, schools, shops, pubs, restaurants, factories, hospitals and warehouses.

Custom manufactured from Polyethylene, the new tank (which, by the way, is recyclable at the end of its working life) features a sealed lid that can be simply removed via four screws for easy service and maintenance access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high and how far can I pump2021-06-21T11:09:16+00:00

Depending on pump, max closed valve head is 13m, max flow rate 7.9 L/S.

What is the maximum solids sizes?2021-06-21T11:08:42+00:00

Depending on the pump, 10mm to 30mm soft solids.

What pump or pumps fit into the tank?2021-06-21T11:08:05+00:00

An automatic submersible Jung Pumpen U3K, U3K Special, U5K, U6K, US73HE /103HE and US73HES / 103HES (Rated for liquid temperatures 90 deg c)

What is the minimum inlet height?2021-06-21T11:07:26+00:00

From 110mm to 185mm, depending on the pump selected. This ensures the suction to the pump is always flooded and prevents the possibility of air locking.

What size is the tank?2021-06-21T11:06:55+00:00

Square, 410mm L x 410mm W, 445mm H

What material is the tank made from?2021-06-21T10:42:51+00:00

Recyclable Polyethylene. The tank is rigid, easier to drill tank connections into, and the sides of the tank are less likely to congeal with fats and grease.

How does the lid fit?2021-06-21T10:42:06+00:00

No tools are required to remove the lid. It’s held in place by 4 off stainless hand screws.

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Clever Wastewater Pumps enable School Refurbishment

The old 1960’s sports hall has been divided in two and the best practical design for both staff and children meant the staff kitchen and additional shower room needed to be introduced into the centre of the space. However, this placed them too far from the existing sewer to allow any gravity drainage.


The Big Event

An events company in London required an upgraded kitchen to provide in-house catering, and so turned to pump technology to ensure that the waste systems were fit for purpose.

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