Domestic and Commercial Sewage Pump Selection

Based on years of field experience, pump specialists and maintenance engineers alike recommend selecting a submersible sewage pump that must have a-

  • Vortex impeller
  • 60mm or greater free flow pumping passage

If you need a sewage pumping station, then you need to be assured that for your everyday use and those of your visitors, your toilet is going to function without more than just the basic maintenance. You might tell your children not to drop their toys down the toilet, but are you going to tell your guests, in particular the ladies not to…..

I won’t write out the full description of items that get put down toilets- Tampons, Pads, Baby Wipes…. I can however tell you these items block your Sewer.

Just google for example- Items that get stuck in your toilet! Or call your local plumber for his view point!

So can you imagine then how easy it is to block a pump, particularly a pump with the minimum Building Regulation of a free passage diameter of just 50mm!

clogged pump

So why do some companies offer pumps with the smallest 50mm diameter passage, why not a larger pump passage that is proven to make all the difference when it comes to pumping sanitary items. What would you install in for your home!

Lowest cost is the only reason you would select a submersible sewage pump with a 50mm rather than a 60mm diameter free flow passage capability. The 50mm sized pump is notably smaller in pump casing and motor size, notably cheaper!

Sewage, toilet paper, even excess toilet paper is capable of being handled successfully by a 50mm diameter free flow sized pump, these substances are soft, break up and even dissolve.

However items such as Tampons, Wet Wipes… don’t breakdown or dissolve. Instead they become trapped, shredded, entangled, eventually clogging and blocking the vortex impeller and volute of your submersible sewage pump.
By just increasing the pumps free flow passage sizes to 60mm diameter, the success of pumping these products in practice is significantly increased. This recommendation is based on years of practical field experience.

Contact David Johnson, Pump Technology Ltd. Business Development Manager on 0118 9821 555 to find out more about avoiding the pitfalls of fitting the WRONG type of pump.

When selecting or specifying a sewage pumping station, ask about the pumps, not all pumps are equal! Insist on a pump with a 60mm diameter or greater free flow passage for reliable end user operation. We should not be subjecting end users to that eventual toilet disaster.

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