Garden office convenience!

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, numerous people have now been working at home for several months.

Interestingly, many of us have found that we have been able to work effectively in this situation, while still maintaining our position as part of a team. Online video conferencing, email and phone, as well as cloud technology, are managing to keep us connected with colleagues and customers.
It seems that, for many, home working will remain the new norm and this is resulting in an unprecedented upsurge in home office design and construction. This ranges from the humble garden shed to potential Grand Design TV candidates.

Home comforts in these new (often self-contained) offices are obviously vital to effective working, with the addition of a kettle, sink and possibly toilet all now featuring on the “must-have” list!

As with all building designs, what starts off as a simple project often becomes one with several obstacles to overcome. For example, how to dispose of wastewater from a sink or flush the toilet!

Thankfully, there are many easy and economical solutions to these challenges, even if gravity drainage from the bottom of the garden to your public sewer is not available.

When planning the ideal garden office, it makes sense to ask for help from a specialist such as Pump Technology Ltd. Their application team will discuss any drainage requirements and advise on the best “right first time” technical and economical solution.

These can vary from a standard, floor-mounted toilet macerator pump to the unique FlushMaster, which easily handles long pipe runs and pumping up slopes or to the MinMatic below ground pump station. In situations where no water is available, there is even the Cinderella incinerator toilet, the perfect “Eco” product!

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