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sewage pump system
sewage pump system
sewage pump system
sewage pump system

Sewage Pump System (Floor Mounted)

The floor-mounted sewage pump system is still considered to be “new” technology, but we have been successfully marketing them with great success for 20 years.

Among our happy clients are Tesco, Aldi, Marks and Spencer, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero who all use this technology.

Using this floor mounted sewage pump technology you are able to put a bank of toilets on the 17th storey of a building, and the other advantage is that they are able to handle other sanitary items that can sometimes be put down the toilet.

Customers like Caffe Nero like our single sewage pump system because in the past they have had terrible problems with the general public abusing the public facilities that Caffe Nero have on offer.


Popular products

Efflu Maxi 80 Sewage Pump System
Efflu Maxi 120 Sewage Pump System
Efflu Grinder Sewage Pump System

Ensure you have the right floor mounted sewage lifting station for your application?

Pump Technology Ltd is one of the UK’s Leading wastewater and sewage pumping experts.

Arguably we have supplied by far the greatest number/range of sewage lifting stations to solve pumping requirements for commercial buildings here in the UK.

We have been able to do this because we are independent, offer all the leading pump manufacturers equipment, have in-depth product knowledge, plus extensive experience of onsite requirements.

Therefore, the Pump Technology team have the skill and product range to select the pumping station that gives you the best price and technical reliability for your requirements.

It’s a winning formula for you! One that has established Pump Technology Ltd as the “Go-To” for floor mounted lifting stations.

All the leading product brands are available from Pump Technology Ltd-
Jung Pumpen, Saniflo/SFA, Zehnder, Sulzer, Grundfos…..

Pump Technology Ltd is truly the “go-to” solution for floor mounted lifting stations.

  • Technical advice
  • Large range of floor mounted lifting stations in stocks
  • Competitive pricing

The EffluMaxi Sewage Pump Range:

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In commercial situations, they are hugely superior to the“domestic” macerator systems that are currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance does a sewage lifting station require?2020-05-11T11:00:47+00:00

It is advised to inspect your EffluMaxi yearly. All fats and grease, plus foreign objects should be removed from the pumping chamber. The EffluMaxi is designed so all parts can be quickly replaced. Please note dedicated inspection hatch and metal to metal fixings for pumping chamber and pumps. The EffluMaxi design is arguably the most used sewage lifting station in the UK for commercial, industrial and utility applications.

How does a sewage lifting station work?2020-05-11T10:59:55+00:00

When you don’t have gravity drainage for toilets in public or commercial buildings a robust pumping solution is required. Your toilets and sinks are connected to the Efflumaxi pumping chamber. The pump or pumps are operated by a fixed float arm and simple plug and go control panel. The system is fully automatic.

What is a sewage lifting station used for?2020-05-11T10:59:16+00:00

The EffluMaxi is used to pump wastewater and sewage from within the building to the public sewer. It is not a sewage pumping station like the below-ground PumpMatic that offers 24-hour storage for example.

What is the availability of EffluMaxi lifting stations?2020-05-11T10:58:26+00:00

We hold a large stock of EffluMaxi’s in our warehouse. (We were able to supply the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham with lifting stations on a next day delivery) and can dispatch same day for orders before 3.30pm

What size EffluMaxi should I select?2020-05-11T10:56:56+00:00

The EffluMaxi lifting station is available in either a vortex free-flow impeller or cutter design. There is a wide choice of pump performance and tank sizes. In general, select a vortex pump first, select a cutter design for small-bore discharge pipe or high heads. Call our dedicated application team to ensure the correct specification.

Is an EffluMaxi a Compli?2020-05-11T10:56:09+00:00

The EffluMaxi is the Pump Technology Ltd trade name for a Compli, as manufactured by Jung Pumpen GmbH. It helps maintain the specification of the product as Pump Technology Ltd, throughout the course of a project.

Let Pump Technology Ltd take the strain: One Company, One Solution, One CALL

To get technical help for the right specification the first time, call 0118 9821 555

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