The Self priming booster set with a built-in frequency converter.

MÈTA is a plug and play solution, the pump is equipped with a built-in frequency converter, a pressure sensor on the discharge side, a built-in pressure vessel in the pump casing and a non-return valve on the suction side.

Features include

  • built in frequency converter
  • constant pressure
  • built in pressure vessel
  • high-efficiency asynchronous motor
  • motor power control
  • no hydraulic losses due to measuring devices
  • voltage and current control
  • monitoring of the maximum starting current

It is simple and intuitive and allows you to easily visualise:

  • initial screen (rUn, OFF, Stb, Err)
  • operating motor frequency
  • delivery pressure
  • current input supply
  • electrical power input supply
  • voltage supply

It is compact and energy-efficient, the mèta saves up to 400W compared to a standard solution.

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