Jeremy Brownlee announced as brakeman

It was announced today that Jeremy (Lord Poo) Brownlee, Chairman of Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd, has been chosen to represent Devon as the brakeman in the newly formed Brixham Bobsleigh Team.

The newly constructed Brixham Bobsleigh run starts high above the town at the café on Berry Head and winds down to its end point at the fish market on the quay

Lord Poo, an ex-rugby player who claims to come from somewhere overseas, is part of the four-man team with the other three members coming from the Brixham Rugby Club, known locally as the Fishermen.

The Bobsleigh, newly (and hastily) built from old fish crates and lobster pots is named the Flying Turd for reasons only known to Jeremy and the team and will make its maiden run at lunchtime (well as soon as the pubs shut) tomorrow, Friday.

Since this is a new track, there has currently been no time set for it, so the first run by the Flying Turd will obviously set a world record.

Asked if he was looking forward to winning a medal for his part in the endeavour, Jeremy commented, I would rather have a good Rioja mate!

The entire event will be featured on BBC2 (Brixham Broadcasting Chaos 2) and will make history as the first (and hopefully last) Brixham Bobsleigh run ever.

For more information visit Vera’s Pepper Shack this evening and ask anyone who is still sober!

If you don’t give a poo about Bobsleighing, but need help with sewage and wastewater pumping, visit where you will get a lot more sense out of the team!