Our new Poomobile – coming to a town near you

Introducing the brand new “PooMobile” – the van that’s burning up the competition (and a few other things too)!

Brace yourselves, because this bad boy means business! With its eye-catching incinerator toilet design and a personalized Poo number plate, the PooMobile is impossible to miss! We believe in going all-in, and this van is the embodiment of that spirit!

Our trusty Cinderella consultant, Clive, will be hitting the road in this beast, delivering top-notch service and deliveries to all our Cinderella clients. Need a rescue from those inconvenient bathroom situations? The PooMobile will be there in a flash! “When nature calls, we’ve got your back, the PooMobile is right on track!”

Buckle up, because the PooMobile is coming soon to a town near you! Keep your eyes peeled as you cruise around, and you might just spot us spreading bathroom magic wherever we go! We’re here to make your dreams of a “Cinderella” experience come true.

Let’s keep the potty humour alive and let our LooMobile light up your bathroom breaks in style! We’re all about making a splash and turning heads (in a good way, of course)!