What do you do when you need a replacement pump FAST?

The answer is extremely simple – you just PHONE A FRIEND!

In this case the “Friend” is anyone on the Support team at Aldermaston based Pump Technology, your One Stop Pump Shop!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Take a pic.
    You have your phone in your hand, so take a quick picture of the pump or pump system you are having problems with.
  2. Call us.
    Call Pump Technology on 01189 821 555 and they will explain where to send the picture. The PT Team will look at the pump and, with their experience (over 26 years) will suggest the best way to get you sorted FAST!
  3. Work out a solution.
    As they are distributors for just about every major pump company, they will quickly be able to either spec. a like-for-like replacement, or, if your pump is no longer available, suggest the best and most appropriate replacement.
  4. Organise the delivery.
    Since the Warehouse at Pump Technology is stacked high with stock, there’s a pretty good chance that your pump will be available for Next Day Delivery!
  5. Or agree a repair.
    If a re-build or repair is an option (and you have the time for this) the PT team will agree this with you and work out the optimum way to get it done in the fastest time within your budget

SO – next time you are stuck with a failed or ruined pump, just remember that all you need to do is PHONE A FRIEND!

At Pump Technology WE ANSWER THE PHONE – NO recorded messages, NO “select a choice” menu, just REAL PEOPLE. Think of us as your very own Technical Department. After all that’s what friends are for!