This project is for a High-Tec Organisation requiring a Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment for their Canteen

The Client:

Nova Design Hospitality & Foodservice Designers provide catering solutions for- Equipment, shopfitting, furniture and full M+E installation. All these services are proudly orchestrated in-house.

The Problem:

The end-user wished to refurbish its company catering facilities to provide a modern and sophisticated canteen for its workforce. This involved a complete commercial kitchen refurbishment, new equipment, including a catering dishwasher with wastewater discharge potentially up to 85 deg c.

The canteen area is located on the first floor. Due to ownership and usage of the ground floor, all waste drainage has to be pumped to the second floor. The original pump was felt to be inadequate due to its size, robustness and only being rated for wastewater pumping to a nominal 40 deg c.

The Solution:

As the wastewater from the commercial dishwasher can be discharged at potential 85 deg c, a dedicated hot wastewater submersible pumping system was required.

Giovanni i of Nova Design says “Our first choice for wastewater pumping systems is Pump Technology Ltd, their team of application engineer’s knowledge in the field of catering pumping solutions is second to none and again they had a proven solution for this application. This time it was the DrainMajor 730HES”

The DrainMajor 730HES hot water pump is a floor-mounted wastewater pumping system with a dedicated “Hot Water” submersible pump.

The pump is rated for liquid temperatures up to 90 deg c! Pump construction is stainless steel housing, cast iron pump body and shaft sealing with a SIC mechanical seal, with inner lip seal. Pump performance is capable of 12m discharge head. It’s the benchmark pump for reliable pumping from a commercial dishwasher, pasta makers and cookers.

The pump is installed is the Pump Technology manufactured DrainMajor, a robust Polyethylene rigid floor mounted tank. The system is provided complete with internal pipework and no return valve. High-level alarms and micro vents can also be supplied.

The DrainMajor tank material is recyclable and the smooth lid can be easily removed without the need for any tools. Installation is easy and adaptable with single or multiple inlets being cut to fit pipe layout onsite.

Giovanni says “Pump Technology had the DrainMajor in stock, it was on site the very next day. We are always pleased with the quality of the equipment and its reliability”