An events company in London required an upgraded kitchen to provide in-house catering, and so turned to pump technology to ensure that the waste systems were fit for purpose.

When a London-based event company upgraded its kitchen facilities so that it could provide in-house catering for its corporate clients, either meetings or events, it involved the kitchen area being enlarged and the installation of additional commercial catering equipment and sinks. However, since the kitchen has no gravity drainage, all waste needed to be pumped up through the ceiling void for an approximate distance of 15 metres before going to drainage. Therefore, specialist commercial and domestic plumber 1 Bar Heating & Plumbing was asked to install a new wastewater pumping system. The company chose a Pump Technology DrainMajor 60, floor mounted, wastewater pumping system. The pump is capable of pumping the 2.5 metre discharge height and suitable for soft solids of up to 30mm diameter. A Charcoal MicroVent was installed as venting could not be to an outside wall and a high-level alarm was fitted to provide a measure of security.

Paul Barr, the owner of 1 Barr Heating and Plumbing, commented: “I ordered the system between Christmas and the New Year; I had an excellent response and the equipment was delivered to me the next day.” Barr has installed a number of DrainMajors in the past and says that the new design “has some real advantages”.

It now features an improved lid seal – rather than a gasket foam style seal, it’s now a clipped rubber seal. This means that it should be possible to remove and replace the lid many times for inspection without affecting the seal position or its functionality. Also, the new design lid is secured by simple hand screws, so no tools are required. The tank material has also changed from GRP to polyethylene. This means that the tank is more rigid making it easier to drill the inlets. It’s a material that can be recycled, a positive for the environment.

The DrainMajor range offers a variety of tank and pump sizes to suit all domestic and commercial wastewater pumping applications, including hot water up to 90°C. It is also available in a Duo format offering duty standby security.

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