Replacing Outdated & Smelly Kitchen Wastewater Pumping System

In a busy Savile Row commercial kitchen, the existing bulky, twin wastewater pump system was often smelly, partially due to the large volume of wastewater that remained in the tank after each pumping cycle. It also required a large and dated control panel, that was in the way and inhibiting passage of kitchen staff. Darren Falconer from Aquaflow Services Ltd was asked to provide an up-to-date alternative to meet the kitchen’s sinks drainage requirements. This needed to be a modern, reliable and more compact solution.

He discussed the application with us. Taking into consideration all of the kitchen requirements, as well as the pumping duty, the commercial DrainMajor, a single, space-saving wastewater pump system, was selected for its appropriate features and proven service record. This unit utilises a submersible pump with mechanical seal, rigid float arm and low-level float. It is capable of pumping soft solids up to 20mm dia. and operates automatically, avoiding the need for a control panel.

It pumps down to a minimum level to virtually eliminate smells and possible septicity.

The installation also includes a grease trap, active carbon MicroVent filter and a small high-level alarm. Again, all supplied by us.

The customer is delighted with the new, odour free, installation and the extra space which they have gained.