Submersible wastewater pump type ABS AS

The AS range are robust, reliable submersible pumps from 1 to 3 kW for pumping wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites. The pumps have water pressure-tight, encapsulated, fully flood-proof motors in standard and explosion-proof versions.


  • Thermo Control System (TCS) with thermal sensors in the stator in order to switch the pump off in the event of overheating and switch it on automatically after cooling down (option on standard AS)
  • High-quality sealing unit using a silicon carbide mechanical seal between the motor and the hydraulic section, ensuring independent rotation direction and providing resistance to temperature shock
  • Oil-lubricated lip seal at motor side
  • Stainless steel rotor shaft supported in lubricated-for-life ball bearings
  • Ex protection to II 2G Ex h db IIB T4 Gb and FM international standards
  • Available in three discharge sizes: DN 50 (G2″), DN 65 (G2½”), and DN 80 (G3″)
  • Free-standing on legs or pedestal-mounted


Main applications

  • Domestic and commercial wastewater with or without toilet waste
  • Removal of clear water, wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites
  • Vortex hydraulics particularly suitable for fluids containing fibrous or abrasive matter
  • Two-inch version especially suitable for pumping wastewater from underground garages
  • Contrablock hydraulic system for larger proportions of solid or fibrous matter

Main benefits

  • Reliable operation with Contrablock system for solids from 40 to 80 mm and with vortex impellers for fibrous matter
  • High reliability even under long term operating conditions
  • Suitable for transportable or fixed installations
  • Easy installation with automatic coupling system
  • Available as standard or Ex-version
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