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Pumping Station Range

Our pumping station products range from domestic sewage pumping station (our Minimatic and Sanifos 110) which we keep in stock, through to our Pumpmatic package pumping station range which are available in a variety of sizes allowing them to be easily matched to each location (suitable for large domestic or commercial applications). We can also provide adoptable pumping stations that are custom made to your exact requirements.

Our bespoke sewage pumping station range is supplied by group company Pegasus Pumps Ltd, our pump station manufacturer. We also have an in-house consulting engineer, who will advise you on which system to install, sized and specified to meet your requirements. Alternatively, of course you can select your own manufacturer of choice.

Our team can give you expert advice gained through many years of practical experience to ensure that the correct sewage pumping station is selected and our after-sales advice and support will smooth the installation process.

We also have preferred installers available for installation, service requirements and emergencies. With our Nationwide Maintenance Team on hand throughout the year we can help you make sure your pump stations keep working hassle-free

We supply a range of sewage pumping station, small, packaged, floor mounted & underground pumping stations, but if you need help specifying please just give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pumping Station?2022-08-09T09:35:55+00:00

It consists of a tank, inside there are generally one or two submersible pumps. The pumping station can be designed for pumping wastewater and sewage and rainwater runoff to the nearest sewer.

The Pumping Station is supplied with inlet and outlet connections, internal pipework, submersible pump guiderails, stop / start floats, and high-level float.

A control panel is also supplied for two pump systems, enabling auto duty / standby operation.

How does a Pumping Station Operate?2022-08-09T09:34:08+00:00

Wastewater, sewage or rainwater flows into the tank. As the level increases within the tank a float is lifted and automatically activates the pump. The waste is pumped via a discharge pipe to the nearest sewer. When the level drops, indicated by a float, the pump automatically stops.

How do you know what size Pumping Station you Require?2022-08-09T09:34:15+00:00

The size is determined by the application, house size, house extension, or commercial premises.

If a house is totally reliant on the pump station, then the tank will be required to hold 24-hour storage in case of power failure for example and normally a twin pump system providing duty/standby pump operation.

If the pumping station is for a house extension a smaller tank with a single pump could be selected. For accurate selection you can ask our in-house drainage consultant to advise the correct tank size for you.

How easy is it to install a Pumping Station?2022-10-19T10:56:40+00:00

All our Pumping Stations are supplied with a detailed installation guide giving step-by-step instructions. Whilst this is straightforward it is important to follow each step correctly.

When excavating please check for ground water, if this is present additional civil works will be required.

How much maintenance does a Pumping Station Require?2022-08-09T09:34:28+00:00

Approximately once a year.

The maintenance team will inspect the tank for debris, check the pumps for damage and carry out any necessary remedial work to ensure your Pumping Station will operate reliable for a further 12 months.

We have a team of engineers and Pumping Partners Nationally to ensure all our Pumping Stations are fully supported in the field.

When would you need to use a pumping station?2022-08-10T10:10:46+00:00

You will need a pump station if you do not have a gravity fall from your premises to the public sewer. To size the correct submersible pump for the sewage you will need to tell your pumping specialist what the application is, size of house for example, how far you wish to pump and the static height you need to pump up to.

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