Mini sewage pumping station

We supply many mini sewage pumping stations, but our two most popular are the Minimatic mini pumping station, and the Saniflo Sanifos 110. Both are ideal for a domestic application.

The MiniMatic

mini sewage pumping station

The MiniMatic small sewage pumping station is ideally suited for house extensions and garden rooms, where gravity flow from bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens… is not possible.

The MiniMatic pumping station- Polyethylene tank, with a storage of 160 Litre with a free-standing submersible pump fitted with a 50mm vortex free flow impeller, capable of pumping up to 6m head via large bore discharge pipework.

The MiniMatic small sewage pumping station is held in stock and can be delivered complete, with easy to follow installation instructions next day.

Call our experienced pumping station application team today to discuss your application and order the correct pumping station.

All Minimatic and PumpMatic Pumping Stations are supported by our Nationwide Maintenance Team.


small sewage pumping station

A mini sewage pumping station that can be used for pumping residential to industrial waste water when the sewer is at too high a level for natural gravity drainage.

The Sanifos 110 pumping station- Polyethylene tank, with a storage of 110 Litre with a free-standing submersible macerator pump, capable of pumping up to 14m head via small bore discharge pipework 40mm or 50mm diameter.

The Sanifos 110 is an automatic lifting station for residential or industrial waste. It can take waste from a toilet, basin, bath, shower, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher and sink. It is designed to take waste from a single residential dwelling. It has a single macerator pump with a float activation method and has robust cutting blades to prevent clogging. The Sanifos 110 has a powerful automatic motor with quiet operation. It offers easy handling for installation below ground level. The Sanifos 110 has two inlets that can take up to 110 mm and an additional two inlets that can take up to 50mm, and it discharges through 40 or 50mm pipework An external non-return valve and shut off valve are needed for this unit (product code 6100).

The Sanifos comes with a 2-year warranty.


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