Pump Technology add Caprari pumps range to portfolio

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As part of Pump Technology’s drive to promote best in class manufacturers products, we have taken the Caprari range of centrifugal, vortex and submersible pumps.

Caprari has been involved in the development and manufacture of pumps for over 70 years and in over 60 countries worldwide so have a vast knowledge of many different situations and uses of its pumps.

The vision of the company is to provide systems that satisfy all requirements, are easy to install, are highly efficient and simple to maintain, and have a low cost of ownership, making the Caprari product the product of choice for specifiers.

Hailed as one of the largest independent manufacturers, Caprari Pumps focus on quality is key, as is their innovative design and modern manufacturing techniques, keeping them at the leading edge of pumping technology.

Caprari pumps can be used in many applications and are suitable for water treatment, irrigation, boreholes, sewage, stormwater and wastewater – basically, the range covers pretty much all applications and conditions.

Typical applications are submersible waste pumps for flood water and sewage which can be installed as permanent pumping stations or as temporary emergency pumps, covering a wide range of capacities.

Caprari Borehole pumps are capable of pumping water from depths of up to 600 metres using conventional lineshaft pumps or electric submersible pumps depending on the application.

Design and build are available for prefabricated pumping stations to cover a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial applications, including shredder, torque flow and single-channel impeller sewage pumping equipment, depending on volume and requirements.

As well as providing high-quality pump solutions, Caprari also provides the control and switchgear required to drive the pumping solution including control and monitoring panels, device protection and monitoring as well as remote management controls to suit your requirements.

Full technical support, installation, and maintenance can be supplied for the turnkey package. Call Pump Technology now to find out more about Caprari Pumps.