Pump Technology sets up FlushMaster Fan Club

Installers who order two or more of their unique and popular FlushMasters, together or individually, within a 12-month period will receive a 5% discount for all ongoing FlushMaster orders, plus exclusive offers for other brands such as Saniflo and Whale.

When fitting a toilet without gravity drainage, the normal solution is a Saniflo macerator pump, however sometimes the necessary discharge pipework run is convoluted and outside the recommended limits for the Saniflo pumping unit.

In these situations, the solution is the FlushMaster toilet pump from Pump Technology. which, (like the Saniflo range) neatly fits directly onto the back of the toilet or alongside behind removable bathroom panelling.

The unit features a Jung Pumpen pump featuring a vortex free flow impeller. The hydraulic pumping performance for this pump means that the waste pipe can be run in many ways: Horizontally first, a double lit or up a slope. Not simply straight up from the outlet of the pump.  Watch the video here.

Many plumbers and installers consider the FlushMaster as the only solution when faced with such installation problems.

The product is simple to install and operate. In the event of blockage, a high-level alarm will be activated. To unblock the pump, it can be reversed by simply placing a screwdriver into the top of the pump shaft and rotating. The object will usually fall away into the bottom of the tank. If the blockage still persists, the pump can easily be removed without disconnecting the tank from toilet or discharge pipework.

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