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Flushmaster Toilet Waste Pump

The perfect solution for:

WC, Washbasin, Shower

Please note the Flushmaster is only designed to pump human waste and toilet tissue


Flushmaster Datasheet


Flushmaster Datasheet


Flushmaster Installation Manual

“There are many great features of this product, but the following sums it up really

  • Does not block with toilet paper and poo as it has a spray & vacuum design
  • Easy to install & replace
  • Reliable
  • No need to service regularly for limescale & sludge
  • Powerful
  • Suitable for low-level shower tray waste
  • If blocked by mistake with wipes/tampons, the pump will “spit it out”
Tanya, Easypumps Ltd

Use the FlushMaster toilet waste pump when you need to:

  • Pump further and higher

  • Run horizontally first

  • Pump a double lift

  • Even pump an uphill gradient

The Flushmaster toilet waste pump is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is an issue. The discharge runs can be run to either lift vertically at the end of a run, or do a double lift (all within certain parameters) – or even pumping up a slight gradient. This makes it the most powerful macerator in the UK market as this flexibility is unique to this product. However, before selecting please do call to ensure that the Flushmaster can achieve the parameters required for your installation.

Perfect for domestic, retail or light commercial usage

Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance does the Flushmaster requires.2017-03-22T17:49:45+00:00

To keep the Flushmaster at its optimum, the unit requires flushing through with weak bleach and water every month and then should be serviced every year

Can the Flushmaster be used as the only toilet in the property?2017-02-16T11:15:58+00:00

No, current building regulations require gravity to main drainage or 150ltr storage per person for 24 hours

What guarantee does the Flushmaster come with?2017-02-16T11:14:33+00:00

Two years from date of purchase

What appliances will the Flushmaster serve?2017-02-16T11:13:14+00:00

Toilet, Basin and Shower

What is the discharge size of the Flushmaster?2017-02-16T11:12:29+00:00

32mm or 40mm depending on head and horizontal run

Can the Flushmaster pump horizontally before a vertical lift?2017-02-16T11:11:51+00:00

Yes, please call for technical information

Can the Flushmaster do a double lift?2017-02-16T11:04:38+00:00

Yes, please call for technical information

Will the Flushmaster pump uphill on a gradient?2017-02-16T11:04:04+00:00

Yes, please call for technical information

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