The EFFLU MAXI range Powerful Floor Mounted Sewage Disposal and Waste Water Pumping Systems that can be relied on!

Sewage Pump: Efflu Maxi 80

sewage pump EffluMaxi 80


These Single & Twin Pump sewage pump systems are designed specifically for commercial and industrial situations where toilets are to be used by a number of people and where domestic macerators/pumping systems are totally unsuitable.

  • Hospitals
  • Shops and Offices
  • Factories
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Pubs, Clubs and Bars

The capital cost of purchasing a floor-mounted sewage pumping station will be more economical than the maintenance cost of using several domestic pumping systems.

The EFFLU MAXI sewage pump range is ideal in situations where one or several toilets have to be fitted in one location (together with hand basins, urinals, kitchens and utility sinks). The toilets can be manifolded together and brought into the pumping station, which can be sited on the same level (1 in 40 fall), lower level or on the floor below.

EFFLU MAXI systems pump in 3″ or 4″ discharge pipework using non clogging pumps with large free passage that ensures freedom from blockage. The unit can be supplied as a single or twin pump systems, it will pump to a vertical head of 6 -10 metres depending on the system used.

EffluMaxi80 Single Datasheet
EffluMaxi80 Single Installation Manual
EffluMaxi Brochure
EffluMaxi80 Twin Datasheet
EffluMaxi80 Twin Installation Manual
EffluMaxi Case Study

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