The secret under the sink!

Pictures show DrainMajor Duo units fitted under the counter in a commercial kitchen

In busy commercial kitchens, tea rooms or even office kitchens it is obviously necessary to remove wastewater, but what do you do if gravity drainage is not available?

The answer is a simple, reliable, self-contained pumping system.

Pumping wastewater from a sink and or a dishwasher might initially seem a simple problem to solve. However, when you start considering the long list of questions which a public health consultant, drainage engineer or pump expert might ask to enable them to select the correct pump it is clear that some serious thought is required to get things right first time!

Typically, you may be asked about things such as the application classification.

  • Is it domestic, light commercial or commercial?
  • What is the available space for your pumping system? (Usually there is very little space available and a compact yet flexible system is essential.)
  • What type of wastewater will be going down the sink?
  • Might it contain particles of food solids?
  • What temperature will the water be? (important if there are glasswashers or Combi ovens.)

Then there are questions about single or duty standby configuration, venting, high level alarms, BMS or feed water shut off solenoids.

The list can seem endless.

You need knowledge and experience to know what to choose

There are numerous pumps and pumping systems to choose from each with a different price point.  Specifying the best choice to meet all of the previous requirements is crucial and requires specialist knowledge and experience.

We offer a wide range of floor mounted wastewater systems, DrainMaster, DrainMinor, DrainMajor, DrainMajor Duo and DrainKing to meet just about any need and enable our application team to select the optimum pump system for your requirement.

Proven technology

These systems are manufactured in-house, utilising the Jung Pumpen wastewater pump range as we’re an authorised distributor for these pumps, dealing directly with the factory in Germany.

A proven history of reliability and robustness ensures that the combination of these German-engineered pumps with custom manufactured tank systems easily meets all busy kitchen requirements.

The pump range incorporates fixed float arms, both lip and mechanical seals, encapsulated cable glands and many more features. This helps to ensure that problems with clogging from waste coffee granules and milk skin are significantly reduced if not totally eliminated.

Sometimes specialist pumps are required, for example, most submersible pumps are only suitable for up to 40° C, occasionally 60 ° C. However, the pumps in the Pump Technology range can handle temperatures up to 90° C. again ideal for combi ovens.

Pumping systems can incorporate high-level alarms, Microvents, Flowsafe cut-off solenoid valves, grease traps and grease dosing systems. Almost everything is held in stock for next day delivery.

In a commercial catering establishment, the cost of “downtime” caused by a pump failure far outweighs the small cost saving from fitting a second-rate system. Need some help with your application? Contact us

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