Theatre Cast use Pumping Poo “T” Shirts slogan as vocal warmup!

When Jonathan Barker, MD of Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd, and his wife Natalie went to see Jon’s Nephew Perri Snowdon in “Waiting for Anya” (which runs till May 5th) at the Barn Theatre in Cirencester, they were surprised by what they heard at the party after the play.

One member of the cast mentioned the fact that they loved the Pump Technology “Pumping Poo with Panache” “T” Shirts because they could use the slogan on the back of the shirts for a vocal warmup before the show.

Of course, Jon organised for shirts to be sent to the cast and, apparently, pre-show, the dressing rooms now resound with cast members vocalising –


over and over for several minutes. Anyone passing must think they have gone down the pan!

More about the play:

WAITING FOR ANYA Is based on the book by Michael Morpurgo – adapted by Simon Reade – director Mark Leipacher

The action is set in the foothills of the French Pyrenees during the Second World War. Jo Lalande’s village is occupied by German soldiers guarding the frontier to neutral Spain. While he is tending his family’s flock of sheep (his father is absent, a prisoner-of-war), Jo follows a bear cub into the woods, where he spies a stranger. Following him to a remote hill-farm belonging to the reclusive widow, Madame Horcada, Jo learns their dangerous secret: together they smuggle Jewish children, refugees from the war and the Holocaust, escaping over the border and into Spain. All the while, hoping against hope, they wait for their lost daughter and granddaughter, Anya. Sworn to secrecy, Jo risks everything – until the very German soldier he has befriended looks set to betray him.

And they say we aint “Kulchered”!