When gravity won’t work

In an ideal world, it is preferable to dispose of wastewater and sewage by gravity. However, this can sometimes be difficult since the position of services such as kitchens and washrooms are often determined by the building’s usage and layout.

Selecting a pumped system combines expertise and experience. The pumped head and distance are relatively simple to define, but other factors such as temperature, contaminates, food solids, hair, cleaning chemicals, coffee granules, milk skin, fats and oils are harder to assess. Here the experience of the pump system supplier’s technical team is invaluable.

Working with specialist wastewater and sewage pumping companies like Pump Technology Ltd, to find a system match an application can usually save considerable time and expense.

Our team have been specifying pump systems for many years. Our in-house engineer is always available by phone and, with the appropriate drawings, is almost always able to provide a full specification and price within a few hours.

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