Pumped Drainage solution for a garden room kitchen, using a mini sewage pumping station

The owners of a new, luxury home in Aldershot wanted to install kitchen facilities for their patio and barbeque area.

Since there was no suitable gravity drainage from this facility, Kassia Drains Ltd, who specialise in drain surveys, repair and problem solving throughout Kent, Essex and London, were asked to suggest a solution for a mini sewage pumping station.

They carried out a site survey and concluded that connection to the sewer would require a pump system capable of a 2-meter lift and a discharge run of 18 meters.

Sami Palu from Kassia said “We contacted our dedicated pump supplier Pump Technology Ltd. and discussed the application with them to identify a suitable pump station – our criteria included size, robustness and competitive pricing”

The selected MiniMatic small sewage pumping station is ideal for house extensions, garden rooms and similar applications. It is supplied with a free-standing submersible 50 mm free flow vortex pump suitable for wastewater and sewage.

Sami said “When everything was required onsite, we ordered and collected the pumping chamber, pump, cover and alarm panel on the same day. The comprehensive and clear instructions enabled us to carry out the required civil works and install the chamber without difficulty. The compact, high-level alarm panel fitted neatly under the kitchen worktop.”

He continues “Overall the service and quality of the mini sewage pumping station we received from Pump Technology was excellent. We will certainly be going to them for all of our pump applications in the future”.

The MiniMatic system is robust and well-proven and will generally only require a brief annual inspection to ensure reliable operation.