Kitchen Grease – a growing problem – but help is at hand

Ever developing FOG legislation on preventing grease and oil from kitchen sinks and dishwashers entering the drainage system means that this problem can no longer be ignored. (are you breaking the law?)

Now good grease management is even more essential for a trouble-free drainage system, as well as the environment.

Factors to consider

When selecting a grease trap and/or a dosing system several factors need to be taken into consideration. Firstly size: this depends on the number of covers, sinks and dishwashers. Next location: traps should be installed as close as possible to the sink or dishwasher and before any pumped wastewater system. If a grease trap can’t be installed a dosing system may be the only answer.

A grease trap is designed to collect the excess grease; therefore, a daily cleaning regime will be required to clean the unit. This will usually involve scooping up floating grease and removing food particles from the bottom of the trap. This waste must be disposed of in a safe and environmental manner.

A dosing system consists of a reliable peristaltic pump which can automatically dose kitchen waste with an enzyme-based chemical that will naturally prevent the build-up of fats. Dosing systems can be pre-programmed with both time and dose quantity. The doser is battery operated for easy installation and safe operation in kitchen environments.

Best results are invariably obtained when a grease trap and dosing system are used together.

We, now offer a full range of grease traps and dosing systems for installation with their catering DrainMajor wastewater pumping systems. A one-stop solution for installers.

A variety of grease traps are available. For smaller applications, there are automatic units made of HDPE with an easy to empty 2-litre tank.
The stainless range feature easily removable covers and baskets. These are available in sizes with capacities from 16 to 75 litres and can handle up to 500 covers per day. These can also handle the output from combi ovens and dishwashers.

Additionally, we offer epoxy coated steel grease traps which can be sited indoors, outdoors or below the ground. These tanks go from 13 to over 400 litres capacity and can be fitted with a pedestrian strength lid if required. Again, these units are ideal where Combi ovens or dishwashers are installed.
A range of sizes of replacement enzyme chemical is also available.

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