Grease Traps and Dosing Systems

Grease Buster

Preventing grease and oil entering the drainage system from kitchen sinks and dishwashers is essential for a trouble free drainage system, as well as the environment.

A grease trap and or a dosing system should be selected; they are sized based on number of covers and dishwashers.

The trap collects fats and oil that are simply scooped away and disposed of sensibly, there are companies that will also collect the waste for you.

A dosing system automatically doses an enzyme based chemical that will naturally prevent the build-up of fats. The dosing system is pre-programmed, time and dose quantity.

Best results are obtained when a grease trap and dosing system are used together.

Pump Technology Ltd, now offer a full range of grease traps, and dosing systems with their  DrainMajor waste water pump systems, a one stop solution for installers and end users.

The grease traps are of stainless steel construction with easily removable cover and basket, there are 3 basic sizes with capacity up to 150 off covers, plus Combi oven or dishwasher.

The dosing systems, consists of a reliable peristaltic pump, the pump being pre-programmed for time of day and enzyme quantity per does.  The doser is battery operated for easy installation and safe operation in kitchen environments.

Replacement enzyme chemical is also available from Pump Technology Ltd,