Cosmetic Sales Concessions Areas need to dispose of waste water with a pump under sink solution, but gravity discharge was not an option

The Problem

In recently fitted out cosmetic concessions areas within leading chain stores, the installer, Face Edge Ltd., found that gravity discharge for the sinks was not an option, so a different solution was required to install the pump under sink in the area required.

Face Edge specialise in the Manufacture and Installation of Bespoke Interiors for Luxury Retail, Point of Sale, Office Fit-Out and Commercial Interiors

The Solution

DrainMinor 30 self-contained pump systems fitted with Charcovent filters.

Our DrainMinor 30 waste pump for sink water is a well-proven unit, which comprises of a compact GRP tank measuring 380mm x 320mm x 292mm. This houses a reliable, float arm activated submersible Jung Pumpen pump which starts pumping as soon as the water draining into the tank reaches the pre-set level. The pump is fitted with a unique low-level float, reducing to the minimum any static water within the tank.

Wastewater is then pumped directly to the store’s main drainage system via 35mm pipework, the pipe runs often being taken through the roof void area.

Typically, sinks in these concession areas are used for hygiene, handwashing and to clean a range of containers and items which may possibly contain powders, gels and similar materials. The DrainMinor 30 is designed to handle this type of gloopy wastewater with the convenience of the pump under sink areas.

The Pump systems are small enough to be easily housed below the fitted counter units and are quiet and reliable in operation. A “Charcovent” filter provides easy ventilation and odour control.

Face Edge Ltd., who installed the systems, have regularly used our products and services. They report that they are extremely satisfied with the level of service they receive from the company. They say that the high level of stockholding and next day delivery is exactly what they require.

The DrainMinor is part of a range of similar products designed and built by us. Versions are available which can handle large solids and high temperatures of 90C.