Chiller Unit Aids London Irish Recovery

Pump Technology Ltd provides a Chiller to aid the recovery of the London Irish Rugby Players.

Project Location: London Irish Training Ground – Hazlewood, Sunbury on Thames

Requirements: Constant water temperature for the recovery baths

Last year the professional and amateur Clubs of London Irish officially moved into their new “Training Centre of Excellence” home at Hazelwood in Sunbury on Thames. As well as being the full-time training facility, the centre is also home to the team dedicated to the health, fitness and recovery of the London Irish professional players.

An integral part of the recovery process is immersion into a bath, which is set at a constant temperature.

A spokesperson for the recovery team said; “We use cold water immersion at London Irish as part of our recovery protocol. We set the temperature of our baths at 14 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature that stimulates the central recovery processes in the body. Any warmer has little to no effect, and any colder begins to negatively impact the training response, especially at 10 degrees Celsius and below.

We use it on the first day of the training week where the players fully submerge up to their neck level for 6 minutes. Many of the players feel this makes a significant improvement to their wellbeing and helps take them to full recovery.”




As you can imagine, when warm bodies enter the bath the water temperature can increase significantly, so it’s imperative that there is a flow of water in and out the bath so that it can be chilled to keep the water temperature at the optimum level of 14 degrees Celsius.

We worked with our partner Calibre Climate Control to supply and install a RHOSS chiller unit that cools the water that is circulated through it to the desired temperature.

A further enhancement to the system will be to have a remote control unit by the side of the baths so that the chiller can be controlled from inside the recovery area.

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