Submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP

Submersible sewage pumps type ABS XFP are the best choice for ensuring efficient and reliable pumping in any wastewater pumping station. The submersible wastewater pumps, mainly installed in network pumping stations, are equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors as standard and with the Contrablock Plus impellers. They are designed to process today’s wastewater mainly composed of less water due to low-flush toilets and a range of sanitary items such as wipes, fibre material, etc.


  • Premium Efficiency IE3 motors in acc. with IEC60034-30 (from 1.3 – 550 kW in 50 Hz and 2.7 – 830 hp in 60 Hz)
  • Contrablock Plus type single and two vanes, and vortex impellers (1.3-30 kW)
  • Contrablock Plus type multi-vane, closed and skew-type impellers (30-620 kW)
  • Solid passage min. 75 mm and greater
  • Explosion-proof version as option (ATEX, FM or CSA)
  • Closed cooling system (PE1-2)
  • Closed-loop cooling system – standard in PE6 (PE3-PE5 optional)
  • Temperature rise according to NEMA Class A up to 110 kW and Class B above
  • Class H (140°C) insulation
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, water ingress)
  • 100’000 hours bearing life (50’000 hours on PE1-2)


Main applications

  • Clean water and wastewater
  • Sewage containing solids and fibrous material
  • Sewage with sludge and high rag content
  • Industrial raw water
  • Local government combined sewage and storm water systems

Main benefits

  • Premium Efficiency IE3 motors for greater energy savings
  • Long-term reliability with wastewater-designed impellers
  • Greater energy savings gives smaller CO2 footprint
  • Excellent rag handling for minimized downtime
  • Sustainable in manufacturing and operation
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