When a standard product just can’t handle it…

Quite often you’ll find yourself in a situation when a standard pump just doesn’t cut it. There is no gravity, there are convoluted discharge pipes, there is not enough space for a normal pump, there are high heads and just very long distances.

If you are facing any of these challenges then we have a range to help. We have called it the ‘Specialist domestic pump range’

The SPECIALIST Domestic Pump Range is the installer’s solution when the kitchen or bathroom pumping requirement exceeds the performance envelope of the standard domestic pump systems available.

It’s becoming our ‘go-to’ range not only because it offers enhanced pumping performance but also top quality, robustness, and reliability. All of the pumps used are designed and manufactured in Germany. There are 3 pumps that we have included

The Pump Technology Ltd SPECIALIST Domestic Pump Range – never be beaten by a pump application!

Take a look at our domestic pump range here