Correct Package Sewer Pump Stations Selection

is easy with Merchant Partner System.


Just Extensions (owner) Tony Howe purchased via Redhill Plumbing Centre, using their account facility.


West Road, Reigate Surrey.


Dual package sewer pump stations.   125 PumpMatic, with duty standby 601NE KSB pumps, guide rail mounted.  Dual control panel with high level alarm. Pedestrian tank cover.

Date of Project

February to December 2018

The Problem

In the course of construction of a new build Bungalow at the bottom of a slope in Reigate, it was necessary to dig down lower footings because of surrounding dwellings and roof height restrictions.

This meant that there was a requirement to pump sewage and wastewater up to main sewer connection which was at a higher level.

The Solution:

The contractor discussed the problem with his local Merchant, who is one of Pump Technology Ltd’s.  Merchant Partners. This scheme enables the merchant to work with Pump Technology, using them as his commercial pump professionals. They offer free telephone and on-site advice. They also provide appropriate literature, in this case Packaged Pumping Station Range PumpMatic brochures and Sewage Pump Selection data, to the Merchant’s customers. Even with all of this support however, the sale still transacts totally through the Merchant.

Tony was originally considering buying off the internet (although the products were not like-for-like). However, after discussing the project with Michael Weeks (Redhill Plumbing) he asked for a site visit from PTL and for some help and advice from their fully qualified, in-house, civil engineer.

He comments “Looking at all the different pump options I was confused to say the least, but obviously the cost was a factor”.

After the site visits, PTL worked with Redhill Plumbing to optimise the supply price and lead time on a correctly specified and matched custom pump and chamber build.

Now that Tony has seen the package sewer pump stations, which is just slightly more expensive than the internet version, he says that he is confident that the design and build quality is superior.

Tony says “I have now decided that going for a quality product from a quality company that lends a helping hand from selection and right through the purchasing process is the right way to go”. “It will provide me with peace of mind through the entire process and even after the pump commissioning”.

There will be another pump required when the flats are built and Tony says that Redhill and Pump Technology will be providing that system too as he is now happy that this partnership works to his best advantage.

package sewer pump stations

The Pump Technology, PumpMatic Sewage and wastewater system (the grey tank) ready to be installed.
It also shows exactly what the problem of building at a lower level than the main sewer can create.