Pumping Station for School Sports Facilities

The Problem

A large school in Middlesex has a considerable number of sporting facilities located at some distance from the main school buildings. In order to provide welfare for home and visiting participants, new pavilions and changing rooms have been built. These include WC’s and hand wash sinks for both boys and girls.

M.J. Abbott Ltd., specialists in field sport provision, were asked to provide services to one of the new pavilions. They discovered that it required a pumping system for the disposal of wastewater and sewage to the distant public sewer.

The specification was for a robust and reliable system to be competitively priced within the project budget.

The solution

Aldermaston based pumps and sewage pumping specialists Pump Technology were asked to advise on the optimum system and quote accordingly. Based on this, their “PumpMatic” sewage pumping station (manufactured by the company) was selected and recommended.

The advantage of the PumpMatic is that it can be accurately custom sized to suit each application. A matrix of chamber depths is available at standard prices. This enables full “site specific” customisation.  The position of inlets and outlets can also be fully modified to match the site layout.

The dimensions of the chamber used in this installation are 750mm dia. by 960mm deep, allowing the system to provide ample waste storage in the event of a power failure.

A single pump was selected. This is a well-proven and reliable KSB AmaPorter submersible with a free flow vortex impeller. Stop/start is controlled by the pump’s own float. In the event of a pumping problem in the system an alarm is activated to warn maintenance staff that action is required.

The pump station easily discharges waste to a distance of 300 meters, with a rise to the public sewer of about 2 meters.

The pavilion’s civil works and connection of services, electrical, potable water, as well as the wastewater and sewage pumping station installation, was all carried out by the M.J. Abbott Ltd. team.